Simplify your online business!

Would you like a less pressing office? A workspace, where you have all the necessary fingertips wherever you are?

Somea Ltd is a network of very seasoned IT professionals and training experts. We carefully analyse the company’s system needs to develop and implement the most suitable solutions. We strive to develop higher-quality information and communication culture for the companies.

Excellence in Cloud Computing.

We offer easy to maintain and upgrade CMS and full-service web hosting solutions that fits the customer needs. Our solutions are based on latest open source technology and cloud services which enables you to work anywhere in the world and anytime you want. Our customer pays only for the received services which mean more cost-effective and high-quality communication culture.

Company’s professional network services requires both technical and business expertise. Somea offers custom-tailored webpages, e-commerce, digital marketing, communication services, consulting and training for companies. We design and build WordPress sites which are easy to use and update.

Efficient IT services and tools are an important part of the competitiveness.

Somea is specialised in training the SME’s personnel to take advantages of web systems and applications. Our practical training gives the businesses a clear and up-to-date information on the applications available in the market with an emphasis in productivity. The customer is able to self-compare client-applications versus web-applications and recognise the differences, benefits and cost-effectiveness by their own viewpoints.

Guiding the business of social entrepreneurship values.

As social entrepreneurs we are working to build the business by means of solving social problems. Our goal is to provide the kind of education which is in demand in the labor market, and that really helps to get employed. One of the trainings aims is to reform the labor market, by training people to meet the labor market and future needs.

IT Solutions
  • WordPress Web Sites
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Cloud Computing Technology
  • Personal Learning Environments
  • Cloud Intranet Dashboards
  • Video Streaming Platforms
Training Services
  • Specialised lectures
  • Extensive courses
  • Seminaires
Worker wellbeing