Cloud computing technology is at the core of Somea’s business.

We are specialised in cloud computing solutions which are supporting companies doing business around the globe. Cloud services are IT services that are delivered to your company through the internet and give the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time and any place, for mobility convenience.

Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. The technology provides more flexibility, lower costs, greater scalability than traditional IT services. They are easy of use and if done correctly, increased security and disaster recovery. Moving to cloud computing, the company does not have to make big investments and there is a fast access to new computing applications.

Somea has strong security expertise.

Cloud Computing technology has a lot of potential, but also a threat to the ICT solutions. However the risks are manageable, with a sensible and coherent security strategy. We have a strong security expertise, based on highly specialised training and work experience, covering all security aspects of cryptographic techniques for data security policy. The availability of information is business critical, without it the success of any ICT solution does not accomplish its purpose.

Our experts ensure the ease applications use, by performing usability testing at the design stage and during the implementation phase. Many organisations struggles with their information systems incompatibility issues, and the additional work that could be easily automated, if only the information systems of different manufacturers could work together. The case is solved with a modular system design and good techniques of implementation .

We are pleased to help our clients to make effective use of ICT tools!