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Public speaking technique without fillers

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One of the most common mistakes when speaking in public is the use of catch phrases, which are nothing but the constant repetition of certain word or expression.

Generally we do unconsciously for various reasons, but mainly because habits acquired over the years and occurs involuntarily, so much that sometimes abusing their use, to pronounce at the end of each phrase, and if public speaking nerves and lack of preparation are added, then this problem becomes more evident.

Fillers have been adopted by cultures reaching the point to identify your personal origin by the catch phrase you use. In each country, each region has its own buzzwords that identifies.

The use of filler words when speaking in public only add noise to the message, as these expressions do not say anything, and usually mean nothing to the audience, but become a distracting element that deflects the intention of the message to be transmitted, consequently, the public perceive the lack of preparation of the speaker and even worst, the message won’t be captured clearly.

The techniques for public speaking, helps us to be aware of our use of these unnecessary words in the transmission of the message

It is very important to establish what kind of buzzwords are being used, the most common are: Is it clear?, You know what I mean?, ehm… well… then… this… is… is… and… uh… right?, Do you understand?, if?, course…

The use of buzzwords is only a way to cover some deficient colloquial skills of the speaker.

To improve your speech, practice the following things:

  • Diction: Pay attention to your everyday language, take note of the words that you mostly repeat, a good exercise is to record your speech and listen, so you can be your own critic and determine what to improve.
  • Practice. Prepare speeches in advance, it is vital to eliminate errors. Looking synonyms for the repetitive words, and eliminating unnecessary buzzwords or phrases.
  • Vocabulary: Buzzwords are synonymous of poor vocabulary, reading a lot is recommended to increase the diversity of words and be able to express your ideas fluently. Read newspapers, classical literature, specialized magazines on diverse topics and find out the meaning of unfamiliar words, is the only to way achieve an elaborated usage of words.
  • Listen. One of the best techniques for public speaking, is to listen to other speakers, preferably famous speakers and learn from the expressions used by them; is advisable to read their speeches aloud, that way your mind captures the correct way of speaking in public.

Take notes every time you use buzzwords and think of possible synonyms to replace, apply these techniques regularly and improve your way of speaking in public.

Don’t give a speech… Create an experience!

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